Boris Johnson Says The Herd Is To Blame: His Resignation Paves The Way For A New Leader

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson was compelled to resign as the leader of the Conservative Party on Thursday. He remains the prime minister till the Conservatives come up with a replacement. His resignation on Thursday makes way for a fresh PM. The move follows a spate of resignations by ministers and other rank members in the party that has eroded his position and authority and frozen the government in Britain.

Johnson spoke to onlookers and supporters near 10 Downing Street. He said that it was clear that the Conservative Party wishes to appoint another leader of their party and also a new PM.

50 Members Of Boris Johnson’s Team Resigned In 48 Hours

Boris Johnson was at no sage emotional and he also did not express regret for his behavior that brought about the downfall of the politician. He instead took it out on the Conservative Party for the situation that led to his downfall.

Johnson compared the situation to a stampeding herd of animals. He said that they always move together. He said that no one is indispensable in politics.

Instead of a general election, paid supporters of the Party will choose a new leader to take over the reins of power. Boris Johnson said that he would remain at the top till a leader was appointed by the party. It could take 6 weeks or even longer.

Boris Johnson brought in a new Cabinet and other officials to take over those who resigned over the past week. He pledged not to enact fresh policies or go for major changes in the government.

Boris Johnson mentioned that while some people may be relieved at his resignation, a lot of people would be disappointed. He expressed his regret at giving up what he termed the ‘best job in the world.’

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