Boris Johnson In Deep Trouble: 5 More Junior Ministers Quit Cabinet

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson faced an en masse desertion by his ministers for the second time in as many days, leading to calls for his resignation within the ruling Conservatives. With the resignation of 5 junior ministers, the total number of Tory MPs to resign from the cabinet has gone up to 17.

The five ministers wrote in their letter to Boris Johnson that he must step aside for the good of the country and the party. The calls for Boris Johnson to resign have reached a crescendo within his conservative party.

This is a record for the number of ministers resigning on a single day. It is higher than the previous record almost 90 years ago when 11 ministers quit the cabinet in September 1932.

14 ministers have quit just today, and adding to the tally are Chancellor Rishi Sunak, and Health Secretary Sajid Javid.

Other junior, non-ministerial MPs from the Conservative party have also resigned, bringing the total to several dozens from Boris Johnson’s government.

More Ministers Quit That During The Entire Tenure Of Boris Johnson And David Cameron’s Premiership

The numbers meant that more ministers and MPs quit in one day from Johnson’s cabinet than during the entire reign of both Gordon Brown and David Cameron.

While thirteen ministers had quit under Gordon Brown after close to 3 years in charge, the same number resigned during 6 years of Cameron’s rule.

Johnson’s rule has been marked by the highest rate of ministers resigning and at the fastest rate than all but one other minister since 1979.

Only more ministers had quit in a shorter time under Theresa May during a split in the Conservative party during the Brexit controversy.

Other than the ministers, parliamentary secretaries and international trade envoys have also quit their posts while the remaining Conservative members have categorically revealed their lack of confidence in Boris Johnson’s rule.

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