Stimulus Check Update: Woman Uses Checks To Grow Business

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check apparently helped a lot of people to open their businesses.

Jass Garcia, a Portland resident, used her stimulus check to open up her own lash salon. “I thought about it and I’m like, I can do this!” Garcia said. “So I started saving money.”

She told KOIN 6 News that she owes everything to the public assistance program and the other services she’s received with it over the years. “It helped me so much,” she said.

It wasn’t until February that she decided to go back to school and pursue her dreams of opening her own lash salon.

She said, “I used the stimulus check as part of the investment for my business plan.” She added that it was really important for her to have a clear idea about how much money she needed before applying for any loans or grants.

Stimulus Check Helps Grow Business

When the stimulus check came in, she decided to use it as part of her investment into her business.

Her business had been struggling for a while. She was finally able to get up and running again with the help of this money.

The money came just in time for the holidays, when Garcia was able to put her newfound expertise to good use. She spent the next year perfecting her skills and learning more about business management and marketing.

She also used some of that money to buy an old house in North Portland where she started doing lash extensions on friends and family members — not on a professional basis yet, but enough so that customers were beginning to ask how they could get their own lashes done by Garcia.

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