Boris Johnson’s fiancee Carrie Symonds gives birth to baby boy

More good news comes in hours after the UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, makes his first public appearance since recovering from the coronavirus disease. 

Sources report that Johnson’s long time fiancé, Carrie Symonds, gave birth to a male child at a hospital in London. The birth happened earlier than was expected in Westminster. 

A spokesperson for the UK prime minister told reporters that both the baby and his mother were in the best of conditions. Johnson’s fiancé, Carrie Symonds, is a political activist and an advisor to Oceana, an ocean conservation charity. 

The spokesperson also mentioned that the prime minister would not be attending that PMQs. Dominic Raab, Johnson’s deputy would be present on his behalf. 

Another Good News for Boris Johnson after Defeating Coronavirus

Boris Johnson, who is 55 years of age, recently got discharged from intensive care after battling a coronavirus infection. 

Both Johnson and Ms. Symonds thanked the NHS and their services during this global pandemic. 

The baby boy arrived two months earlier than expected. The couple had announced the pregnancy at the same time as their engagement. The due date of the child’s birth was never released to the public. 

Speculations have risen as the birth date matches the 9-month timeline since the couple moved in together at No. 10. 

This is the first child of Ms. Symonds and Johnson’s sixth. 

The prime minister has not yet revealed if he will be taking paternity leave. He had said yes to the idea back in March. 

The name of the hospital where the birthing took place has not yet been revealed but reports suggest that it is not St. Thomas’ Hospital, where Johnson was admitted during his battle with coronavirus

Boris Johnson divorced his 25-year-long wife, Marina Wheeler, just a couple of weeks ago. The decision was announced to the public in September 2018.