NKE Has Registered A Large Volume Of Call Options


The stocks of NKE have been seeing some unusually humongous options trading that took place primarily on Thursday- with traders accounting for almost 60,433 call options for the same stock. This is indicative of a 50% increase when compared with the daily volume of about 40,288 call options. 

The Quarterly Estimate of NKE

The stocks of NKE traded on Thursday at around $7.32. There were close to 740,625 shares of the company’s stock that got exchanged. The market cap of this sportswear company is $198.39 billion, with a 76.09 PE ratio, along with a 2.51 PEG ratio and a 0.83 beta. The year low of the company has been set at $76.20, with a year high of around $147.95. The moving average price of the company over a period of fifty days has been $139.52, with the moving average price over two-hundred days set at $133.79. The current ratio of the company has been 2.66, with a 1.97 quick ratio. 

The stocks of NKE posted their previous earnings results on the 17th of March. The maker of footwear reported an EPS of around $0.90 for this quarter which was more than the consensus estimate of around $0.75. The revenue of the firm was $10.40 billion, with the consensus estimate set at $10.98 billion. The net margin of the firm has been 7.39%, with a 34.89% return on their equity. 

There have been quite a few companies that have commented on the stocks of NKE. DZ Bank has already gone ahead and put up a rating of sell in a 4th January research report. Deutsche Bank has also increased the price target of the company from $151 to $161, with a buy rating in a 21st December research report. 

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