Nikola Jokic To Feature In NBA Special Team

Nikola Jokic
Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic is a renowned name in the NBA. He is one of the most talented players in modern times. Jokic is a professional basketball player hailing from Serbia. He was born on the 19th of February 1995. The athlete had a zeal for the sport since his childhood days. 

Jokic has always remained a valuable asset to the Denver Nuggets. He plays in a central position and has a number of achievements to his name. He has featured in the NBA-All-Star team thrice. Nikola has also been included in the All NBA team for three times. Apart from all these, the athlete has been adjudged the most valuable player recently. He received the honor in the 2020-21 season of the NBA.

 Jokic also plays for the national team of Serbia. Nikola Jokic seems to have made a lasting impression on the NBA. He has been highly speculated to be on the list of NBA’s team for its 75th anniversary. Let us learn more about the show below.  

Nikola Jokic Expected To Be In NBA’s Team Of Greats

Nikola Jokic seems to be having a great time. He is rumored to be featured in the special team of the NBA. The NBA already released the listings for its special team earlier. The team list was revealed on the occasion of the 75th anniversary. The list consisted of names that have made their way into basketball folklore. 

Some of the noticeable mentions from the team lost were: Michael Jordan, Bill Russell & Kareem Abdul Jabbar. These three athletes were placed at the top three positions. Other famous mentions included Steph Curry, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, etc. 

However, Nikola Jokic has shown tremendous improvement in recent years. This has made him a strong contender to feature in the NBA Legends Team in 2046. Jokic is speculated to be inducted into the 100th-anniversary team. Luka Doncic & Klay Thompson are other strong contenders.