Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation Settles With Homeowners For $20.5 Million

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

In 2018, the Bullet Train actor and his Make It Right Foundation settled a lawsuit over a deteriorating Katrina-era property for $20.5 million, as reported on Page 6. Only six of the 107 homeowners selected for a city are each eligible to earn up to $25,000 in repair funds, according to the Times-Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate. The move still needs judicial approval, but a non-profit environmental organization called Global Green will be in charge of the legislation.

Brad Pitt’s Foundation Traces Back To Katrina

Brad Pitt said in a statement, “We are very appreciative of Global Green’s dedication to providing this essential help to the Lower Ninth family. “Since Katrina, we have collaborated, and we are grateful for Global Green’s continuous and generous commitment to addressing the issues affecting families and people in need. We believe that this agreement will open the door for everyone to continue building this thriving neighborhood in the future.

Two years after the construction plans for Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation House were made public, the geometrically and structurally difficult building recounts its history. The Lower Ninth Ward’s residents were supposed to be able to afford a home in Louisiana that cost on average $150,000 and was energy-efficient, sturdy, and weatherproof, according to the Washington Post. Although the project was initially deemed successful, the city of New Orleans rejected it because of complaints from locals about roof leaks, mold growth, and electrical fires. Brad Pitt initially thought he was not in charge of the project’s actual physical construction, therefore he requested to be fired, but his request was finally turned down.