Treasury Report About Each Stimulus Check Sanctioned By America

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The report from Treasury has been out recently and it states that 645,000 individuals did not get their stimulus check in the year 2021. However, as per the report, 99.5% of the total population have collected their stimulus check. These stimulus checks were a part of the American Rescue Plan which provided the citizens with multiple direct payments. 

Is There Any Chance For A New Stimulus Check?

The report from Treasury was made by The Inspector General of the Treasury Department which stated that approximately 645,000 citizens did not get their stimulus checks for some reason till the middle of last year. The same report also stated that 294,000 individuals were sanctioned advance relief checks which they did not receive and among them some people still did not activate their RRC advance debit card. 

However, as per the report of CNBC, there have been many cases among these 294,000 where the people have received their funds. Moreover, there have been more cases that amounted to approximately 1.9 billion where the individuals who were not eligible got the relief check. Numerous people got duplicate checks as well and some ineligible residents also enjoyed this perk. 

Inspector General also suggested some recommendations regarding this issue. TIGTA gave a total of seven suggestions that were acceptable to the IRS. The environment around the White House suggests that the third stimulus check will probably be the final one. Despite many leaders of Congress have asked for a fourth stimulus check, the White House is silent about it. 

Furthermore, the tension between Russia and Ukraine has resulted in the price hike of gas all over the world and especially in countries that have authorized sanctions against Russia. Thus, some sources state that soon a gas rebate of $100 will be provided to eligible citizens in months when the gas price will be more than $4 per gallon.