Brendan Fraser Could Be Making An Epic Comeback

Brendan Fraser

At a certain point in the Hollywood industry, Brendan Fraser was a household name- being a part of several high-profile franchises. The actor churned out roles like Encino Man, Rick O’ Connell, George of the Jungle, as well as the major star of Looney Tunes. But he slowly faded away from mainstream media in the 2010s. Yet, fans of the actor should be elated now- as he is gearing up to make a comeback.

Brendan Fraser Set To Get Back In Business

It was Lindley Key, a superfan of Brendan Fraser, who had the wonderful opportunity to share the excitement of the star on making a comeback in a virtual chat. The actress and cosplayer had a cute moment with the actor on TikTok which made the veteran actor blush. Key had dressed up as Evie from The Mummy for the meet-and-greet and mentioned to the actor how excited she was to see him in the Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio. Fraser then took a sniff of his drink and cracked a huge smile at the excitement of his fan. 

Brendan Fraser will also star in The Whale, the first movie of Darren Aronofsky since 2017’s Mother! The movie will be released from A24 and has the plotline of an obese English teacher trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter. Fraser was also part of No Sudden Move, a member of the ensemble cast in Steven Soderbergh’s movie. 

While these aren’t movies we associate Brendan Fraser with, it is still quite exciting to see the once high-profile actor finding himself more high-profile work in the following years. He would also be a part of DC’s Doom Patrol for the third season. A few years back, Fraser came out against the former president of the Hollywood FPA Philip Berk of sexual harassment almost two decades ago.