Britney Spears Has Her Fans To Thank For Letting Her Regain Control Of Her Life

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Despite a successful career, Britney Spears had never had full control over her life and career. For almost half of her career spanning decades, she had been under a conservatorship orchestrated by her father. Concerned at her plight, her fans launched the #FreeBritney movement to bring it to the notice of the media.

The fans have not taken kindly to the control her father had over her life even at the age of 38. Britney Spears had been under her father, Jamie’s control ever since her breakdown 12 years ago that led to hospitalization and rehab.

Britney Spears Had Been In Control Over Her Career Despite Her Battles

Britney Spears has never faltered in her career even though her battling her inner demons since 2007. Her official comeback album, Circus, in 2008 marked her return and she has continued to tour, release albums, launch ventures including her lingerie lines and perfume.

But her fans have expressed dismay as she continued to be under the control of her father. Fans launched the #FreeBritney movement to highlight the discrepancy surrounding the conservatorship.

Britney Spears concurred with her fans in an explosive testimony in court this June. Jamie had hit out at her fans, calling them ‘conspiracy theorists.’  

The Los Angeles Superior Court ruled last week that it was in Britney Spear’s ‘best interest’ to have her father prevented from managing her affairs.

Britney was away with her fiancé on vacation when the court ruled in her favor. The Grammy winner informed her fans that she would be concentrating on self-care after her victory.  She informed her fans that she still had much healing left and believes she has a capable support system.

Sources informed that she had been relieved at the court’s decision to oust her father from control over her personal, financial, and medical affairs.

Her attorney, Michael Rosengart informed that the next step would be to dismantle the conservatorship. Before the next court hearing on November 12, Rosengart said he would be investigating every part of the conservatorship and Jamie’s conduct.  

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