‘Helplessly’ Seeking Attention, Britney Spears Makes Another Controversial Post On Instagram

britney spears

Whenever something happens, she doesn’t like it. She uses social media platforms to voice her opinion and how things should have gone. This time, a security guard at the match hit Britney Spears in the face. In Las Vegas on 5th July.

She was precisely hit by San Antonio Spurs star Victor Wembanyama’s security team. She further elaborated on how she felt helpless. All her haters have commented that she is seeking attention again. And she always further elaborated on how times she felt helpless because of the media, which has remotely no reason for what happened to her recently.

Britney Spears Has Not Been Very Charming Lately

She has a huge fan following. However, she wouldn’t mind losing them all. All these years, she has gained a considerable fan following. And she did admit how everything made her feel. There are documented series based on Britney Spears’s life and career. She did approve of any of them.

She felt all of them were exaggerated. All of the incidents she faced while in Los Angeles were an outcry for help. However, none paid attention to Britney Spears because all of them were busy decorating her fake life stories. She has always been at the center of controversy because of her father’s dictatorship.

Britney Spears always had violent outbursts in public. Getting hit perhaps made her realize that she matters. A hit in the face put some sense into her. A few weeks ago, TMZ shared false news regarding her ex-husband and how worried he has been because of her drug abuse recently.

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