Brittney Griner Case Has Been Called ‘Extremely Concerning’ By Colin Allred

Brittney Griner
Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner, the basketball player who has won two gold medals in the Olympics for the U.S. is stuck in Russia for a long time. It has already been three weeks that Brittney Griner is held in another country that is currently at war with Ukraine. Thus, Colin Allred, the Representative of the U.S. stated that she has not been given official access by Government and thus, it is an extremely critical and concerning matter. 

Brittney Griner Facing The Impact Of Political War

Brittney Griner was arrested by the authorities of Russia on the ground that she was smuggling narcotics materials across the country and had cannabis oil. This offense could make her end up in prison for ten years.

The current whereabouts of the player are unknown and as per Don Lemon, the Congressman of Texas stated that though the U.S. Embassy is trying to get her consular access, Russia is denying it for three weeks. 

In the view of Allred, the whole war situation is responsible for the delay and he hopes that she does not face troubles just because of the political war that is currently going on. All the rights of Brittney Griner must be respected and quick access must be given to her so that she can come home as soon as possible. 

A lawyer from Russia was appointed who spoke with the agent of Brittney Griner and said that she is okay. However, when CNN tried to get a comment from Russian Embassy, nothing was said. As per Ned Price, the State Department of the U.S. is working very hard to support her in this hard time and is proving her with all the things that she needs. 

The diplomatic relationship with Russia is very bad right now due to the war and hence to get Brittney Griner out, will be very challenging.

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