Andrew Wiggins Benefits From Crucial Support From K-Pop Star For Spot On NBA All-Stars

Andrew Wiggins

A Warriors partnership in a distant land proved crucial for Andrew Wiggins. As part of their vast outreach in business, the Warriors had tied up with Bam Bam, a big name in the K-Pop circuit, and a Thai singer. He also is an admirer of Stephen Curry.

It was one of the most beneficial of the tie-ups that the Warriors had entered into with influencers. BamBam can be counted on to be there at the Chase Center shortly. The huge brands have in the past traded favors over social media. Past favors had not been noticeable much. But the latest partnership nudged its way into the collective consciousness of NBA fans.

It led to a deluge that caused Andrew Wiggins to storm his way into the All-star team.

Going back a few weeks, the media team of the Warriors selected January 7 for the hashtag post for Andrew Wiggins. That day was special because the NBA had given a special 2 for 1 offer where every vote counted for 2 votes on that particular day.

Tweet By Bambam To His 9.6m Followers Ultimately Turned The Tide In Andrew Wiggins’ Favor

BamBam sent a message to his followers (around 9.6M) and it became the top trending subject and created the right buzz to propel Wiggins to the top of the heap. He became the 3rd leading in the charts, his fan support count besting the other rounds of player and media votes.

So ultimately what counted was the special count allowed on January 7 that doubled the votes cast in any player’s favor by the fans. The deluge of votes edged out George in the votes count and Green in the overall count.

Wiggins has been going through an impressive form and has contributed considerably to the success of the Warriors.

But while he is as merited as the rest of the players in contention, he will be playing in the All-Stars in part due to the shrewd strategy put in place by his organization that enabled them to channel the vast outreach of K-Pop fans.

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