RNC Files A LawSuit Against January 6 Committee


The Republican National Committee (RNC) accused the House select committee who is responsible for inspecting the incident that happened on 6th January 2021. A lawsuit was filed against the committee on Wednesday with the view to figure out the way Trump and his party used software to propagate false information regarding the election of 2020. 

RNC’s Lawsuit And The Response Of The Committee

The false information that was spread through this software resulted in huge violence and Capitol attacks in the country. The petition was filed by the RNC to prevent the subpoena for the supporter and donor data that are stored in Salesforce. Those data were revealed on the day when Ronna McDaniel, the Chairwoman of RNC, sat with the members of the committee. The subpoena also revealed that this software was used by the PAC and the active campaign of Trump. 

The objective of a subpoena by the House was to bring out all the information about the Salesforce company whose actions resulted in the attack on 6th January. The RNC went to the Court as in their opinion, the subpoena has a vast scope and would undiscover huge numbers of volunteers and donors that are not necessary. The lawsuit stated that the committee wanted information about the internal strategies and personal data about the supporters. 

As per the subpoena, Salesforce had to submit all the documents that were asked by 9th March, and later on, they had to appear in a disposition. The committee accused that fraudulent emails were sent to the supporters of Trump and led them to attack. This was pointed out with an example, where an email was sent out on 6th January, at 1:24 p.m. and it read that the day would be historic for the history of our Nation and that people should come together to protect the integrity of the 2021 election. Subsequently, the gates were breached within 30 minutes. Lastly, the subpoena also mentioned that after the unfortunate attack, Salesforce gave out a statement where they said that risk for political violence can happen in the country.

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