NBA Rumors Says Brooklyn Nets Starting To Explore Options To Sign Veterans

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

Carmelo Anthony is still holding out to get his next chance. The Brooklyn Nets are apparently intrigued in his talents after a sluggish beginning to the season.

The ten-time All-Star as well as the Brooklyn Nets have reportedly had “some discussions,” as according writer Brandon Robinson. This year, Brooklyn has gotten started off too slow. With a two to five record, they are locked for twelfth in the Eastern Conference. But since offseason, Anthony remained an unsigned fringe player. Off the bench, Anthony could give the Brooklyn Nets scoring.

Anthony has demonstrated that he is able still contribute to the NBA even though he is beyond his prime. Anthony, the veteran of thirty-eight years played with the Lakers during the prior season. On a bad squad, he was among the few shining lights. In during the last season, he averaged amazing numbers. He got 13.3 scores and 4.2 rebounds on an average.

Brooklyn Nets Might Go For Anthony This Time:

There is a lot of skill on the Brooklyn Nets team. Amongst some of the game’s leading offensive players are Durant and Irving. The Brooklyn Nets have had a difficult time getting going after a turbulent offseason.

Even though Anthony is undoubtedly nearing the end of his tenure, he still can add depth to any NBA squad. Anthony has demonstrated his class to perform in a small part. He is a tremendous asset since he can score in large groups.

Anthony spent 2 seasons along with the Trail Blazers prior to his time with the LA Lakers. Anthony has averaging 14.0 scores and 4.4 rebounding over the past 3 seasons. He has also fired 38.9% from long range & forty-three percent from the field.

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