Sixers Lost Their Two Round Picks After The NBA Investigation On Them


The NBA stated Monday afternoon that the Philadelphia seventy sixers will forfeit their 2nd picks inside the twenty twenty-three and twenty-twenty-four NBA drafts as punishment for breaking the free agency regulations by holding preliminary talks with offensive players Danuel House Jr and P.J. Tucker.

The 76ers had conversations with both athletes “before the day when such conversations were permitted,” according to the league’s release, which explained why the rounders were removed.

The sixers will obtain the most advantageous pick from the Hawks, Nets, or Hornets as parts of earlier swaps, thus Philadelphia sixers will have a 2nd-round selection in the NBA draft of twenty twenty-three.

Ever since summer, while sixers signed Tucker including its middle level exception to the Mansion with its semiannual exception — tries to move facilitated by James Harden taking a sizable reduction in pay of about $15 mn after rejecting his player option for this year and re-signing only with the team that dealt for him back in Feb. — the league has been looking into the sixers.

Sixers Lost Their Picks Of Two Rounds:

According to sources who spoke to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, a comparable inquiry into the NY Knicks‘ acquisition of Dallas Mavericks player Jalen Brunson is still underway.

Wojnarowski was also informed by sources that now the NBA as well as the Basketball Player’s Union would be meeting to review the regulations controlling the sanctions for clubs engaging in pre-free agency conversations with player representatives.

Philadelphia sixers joins the Milwaukee Bucks, Heat, and Bulls as the 4th team in the previous two years to receive a sanction for breaking one or more of these regulations, leaving aside the current investigation in the New York Knicks.

The Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat both lost the 2nd-round pick as a result of early conversations about sign-and-trade bargains that were finally completed for Lowry and Lonzo, while Milwaukee forfeited a 2nd-round pick across an effort to finish a sign-and-trade only with Sacramento for Bogdanovic.