Browns Struck By Covid Outbreak


Browns are one of the most famous teams in American football. They have been a consistent performer in the NFL circuit. The team from Cleveland has had some of the memorable seasons in the past. Many famous athletes have played for the club. 

However, the Cleveland side are suffering from a bad patch recently. They have been on and off on the field. The players have shown promise initially, but have failed to persist with it. One of the main reasons for Cleveland’s woes has been the ongoing pandemic. The whole world has been struck by tragedy. People from every sector have suffered. 

The case seems to be getting worse for Cleveland with each passing day. The team has been plagued by the deadly coronavirus. A number of positive cases have been reported recently. Support staff and players have contracted the virus. This has led to the build-up of an alarming scenario. 

Browns have at the moment eight cases of active covid patients. A number of players had already reported getting the virus. It was time for some worst news for the Cleveland side. Kevin Stefanski is the head coach of the team. He has also been tested positive with covid. The news has been revealed recently by the press. Let us learn more about the situation below. 

Browns’ Camp Turned Into A Mini Hospital

The Browns have kept on reporting new covid cases over the last few days. Six of their players had been tested positive earlier. Now it was time for two other members of the team to join the team. Coach Kevin Stefanski along with another support staff is down with the virus. Stefanski has reported having no symptoms of the covid virus till now. 

The Cleveland Browns coach had taken both the shots of the covid vaccine. He had also received the booster. The covid scenario keeps worsening in the United States. It remains to be seen which way things go. 

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