Lev Parnas Has Been Prosecuted For Finance Crimes

Lev Parnas
Lev Parnas

Lev Parnas, the former associate of Rudy Giuliani, was recently convicted by a New York jury for his campaign finance crimes. According to the charges, he had conducted and supplied several illegal campaign contributions in an attempt to influence the politicians in the country- which would lead to the growth of his business interests.

The verdict was brought about in a federal court in Manhattan, where the guilty was on trial for around two weeks with prosecutors accusing him of utilizing the money of others to portray the facade of him being a powerful broker- which allowed him to schmooze up to the powerful political figures at the Republican end.

Lev Parnas Convicted In Court 

One section of the case alleged Lev Parnas and another associate of making illegal donations through a corporate entity to a political committee vouching for the Republican party back in 2018- which further included a donation of $325,000 made to America  First Action- a super PAC that was created to support Donald Trump.

Another section of the case stated that he had used up the finances of a Russian financier- Andrey Muraviev- in order to put through some donations to the politicians of the country- in his attempt of launching a recreational, legal business in marijuana. 

The 49-year-old Lev Parnas was then convicted on every single count after the jury deliberated for close to five hours. The Florida businessman- who was brought up in the USSR- had previously insisted through his attorneys that he had never used the money from the Russian financier for political donations. After the verdict was read out, Parnas declared that he had never hidden the truth from anybody. 

In the meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani’s attorneys haven’t responded to emails seeking comment- while his associate Lev Parnas got convicted of the white-collar crimes.