Antonio Brown Accused Of Fraud

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is a famous name in the NFL circuit. He has been one of the promising stars of the modern era. Brown plays professional football for Tampa Bay. He remains an integral part of the team. The team relies heavily on Brown for success. Brown previously had some memorable encounters with his team. However, the athlete seems to be in trouble at the moment. He has been accused of producing a fake card of the covid vaccine. 

After the onset of the pandemic, vaccination was made compulsory. One had to produce proof of vaccination to join the team. This was where Antonio Brown played foul. The card produced on his part is alleged to be fake. The news has been leaked by Steven Ruiz. Ruiz was the former chef of Antonio. The duo had a bitter ending to their relationship. A dispute of almost $10000 made the two part ways. Ruiz claimed that the card produced by Antonio was fake. Let us know more about the incident in detail below. 

Antonio Brown In Trouble After Ruiz’s Comment 

Ruiz has seemingly exposed one of the darkest secrets of Antonio Brown. According to the latest reports, the athlete used a made-up vaccination card. The details provided by the former chief of Brown states that the athlete was guilty. Brown had approached Cydney Moreau, his partner, for help. Cydney went to Ruiz and ordered him to get a made-up card for Brown. However, he could not manage a fake card but doubted Brown of purchasing one. 

Ruiz also leaked their texts where Antonio Brown promised him $500. The NFL is currently investigating the controversy. If proven guilty, the athlete could face a huge fine or have suspended. However, both Antonio Brown and Cydney Moreau have denied the allegations.