BTC Prices Declined And Stocks Look Expensive


There might be possibilities that global equities will face a breakdown this year as the shock of inflation is building slowly. The prices of BTC lowered even more on 6th March due to political tension and macro liability that are very prominent. 

Greater Depression For BTC in 2022

In the views of TradingView and Cointelegraph Markets Pro, the data reveal that the price of BTC has gone down to the most in last week due to the return of volatility in the market. There was a testing process going on executed by the pair, BTC/USD, with $38,000, and the loss went to 12% in three days. 

The status of equities is unstable which resulted in a decrease in the price of BTC, the largest cryptocurrency. There was a total loss of $2.9tn in regard to global equities in the market due to the consequences of the war. In the words of Holger Zschaepitz, a commentator of the market stated that inflation is rising and the economist are cutting their predicted growth. The global stock market is becoming expensive as it is worth $110tn. 

Pentoshi, an analyst described this grave situation with the meltdown in the whole world which can result in another Great depression after 90 years. However, some pundits have a different opinion like Bloomberg is still having faith in ETH and BTC. as per the sources the majority of the assets are facing an ebbing tide this year, and the inflation rate is the highest, however, there are still chances that Bitcoin can reach the milestone. 

The risk assets must decline and the price pressure must be decreased in order to pull the rate of inflation down. If the inflation rate does not come down, there is no choice left to the central banks as they would in turn raise their rates. Lastly, support of 36k might help Bitcoin in this tough time. 

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