McConnell’s focus when Senate comes back will be on judges

Mitch McConnell, Senate majority leader, recently set his priority on the judicial nominations, sidelining the coronavirus pandemic. He said that he wouldn’t let the pandemic deter him from confirming judges and that his aim for this year was to “leave no vacancy”. 

The Senate is to return to Washington next week, abiding McConnell’s decision. Some of the members raised concerns, as the coronavirus restrictions are still intact in many of the states.

The attendant physician expressed discomfort and said that Congress needs to maintain social distancing norms for the time being. 

Mitch McConnell Determined To Leave No Vacancies This Year 

Justin Walker, U.S District Judge from Kentucky, a vocal defender of Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings, is one of McConnell’s choices. The nomination awaits confirmation on Tuesday by the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

Chuck Schumer, Senate minority leader, wrote a letter opposing Mitch McConnell’s decision. His letter said, if the meeting was to be held, it should focus on the raging pandemic. 

He further added, if the COVID-19 situation was in question, all members would march up to DC and decide to agree with the reconvention orders. Schumer also claimed that the government should be answerable for the mistakes it was making regarding small businesses, coronavirus testing, and hospitals. 

Listening to the physician, the Senate decided to veto the idea of re-gathering on Monday. A Democratic member said that this was a risky choice, but had it been a meeting regarding the pandemic, it would have been important to attend. 

Sources suggest that some Senate Republicans are also against Mitch McConnell’s idea. Reports claim that they are frustrated with his decision to bring back the Senate only to confirm judges. 

McConnell is known to have given the judiciary a new shape by confirming a record number of 193 judges. There had only been 55 confirmations of circuit judges during the 8 years of Obama’s administration.