Family Members Of Today Show Honor Hoda Kotb: The Journalist Has Been With NBC For 27 Years

Hoda Kotb
Hoda Kotb

Even as celebrated Egyptian-American journalist Hoda Kotb celebrated remained tied down by the illness of her three your old daughters, the TODAY co-anchors friends and colleagues celebrated the Matrix Award winner. Kotb has been around at NBC for over a quarter of a century.

Even as she highlighted her career landmarks on the Thursday episode of Today, the episode revealed clips of her evolving at NBC over the years, and there were many fun looks and moments in the transformation of who she is today.

The 58-year-old Hoda Kotb recalls being shocked and revealing to Jenna Hager, her co-anchor, that her mother sent him a screen grab commending her for her career milestone.

Hoda Kotb’s story has always been an inspiration as she was up against many odds to even get her first job in television recalls her former co-host Kathie Gifford.

Hoda Kotb Has Persevered Through Tough Time By Constantly Evolving

But she persevered over the years and evolved with time. And when Hoda Kotb finally got the big break, she kept with it and constantly honed her skills. That has paid off for her finally.

Jenna Hager recalls that she worked hard every step of the way to get to where she stands today. And of course, she is so much more than a television personality or an interviewer.

Hoda Kotb has also been a podcaster, a successful author, and a beacon of a positive and inspirational figure both in her personal and her professional life.

She has fought her way through breast cancer, and a troubling divorce. It is her ever-evolving drive that has been a source of inspiration for those who came after her and consider her a role model for women in communications. Hoda Kotb shares a life lesson that totally sums up her personality. She says that if you want it bad enough, you need to say it out loud, even if you are in from of your bathroom mirror.