Camila Cabello Shares Body Acceptance Video On TikTok!

Camila Cabello
Camila Cabello

In her new body acceptance video on TikTok, Camila Cabello embraces fat and stretch marks, cellulite, and curves! She is spreading self-acceptance and self-love on TikTok. The singer of “Havana”, Camila Cabello posted this video from inside her car. She also explained how insecure she felt about wearing her workout top. The top didn’t cover the stomach area so she felt insecure about wearing it. Then she thought this through and understood the reason behind her feeling. 

Camila Cabello Is Starting To View Her Body In A New Perspective!

The singer explained that she wasn’t tucking the thing in because she was busy existing and running like other normal people who don’t always tuck the thing in. But then, Camila Cabello reminded herself that waging war over your own body is harmful. She did that the entire last year. The star of Amazon’s Cinderella shared how grateful she is for her body. Amazon’s Cinderella is coming out this 3rd September.

Camila Cabello added that people like her are just real ladies who have cellulite and curves with fat and stretch marks. They have got to own their own body. Previously, Camila has preached self-love and body acceptance. In her Instagram story of August 2019, she wrote how upset she was because people were insulting her by body-shaming her. Then she started viewing things from this completely new perspective! 

Camila Cabello shared the honest thoughts she was having while sharing these pictures. She was worried about not sucking in her stomach. But then she realized that there must be bad angles and bad pictures because she doesn’t have a body made of muscle or fucking rock. Recently, Camila’s fans praised her for pictures of her refreshingly real and normal beach body.