Canada Covid Protest: Canada PM Moved To A Secret Location

Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau

On Saturday, tens of thousands of people gathered in Canada‘s capital to protest vaccination requirements, masks, and lockdowns.

Some parked on the National War Memorial grounds and danced on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Others carried swastika-adorned posters and banners. Some people utilized the monument of Terry Fox, a Canadian hero, to make an anti-vaccine message, which drew significant outrage.

Canada Covid Protest Is Peaceful

On Saturday, the rally began early and grew throughout the afternoon. Some distributed packed lunches to truckers on their route to Ottawa from the east and west coasts.

Because the weather with windchill was -21C, few people wore masks, but many wore balaclavas (-6F). According to CTV, a downtown mall was closed when protestors refused to wear masks inside.

The Canada Covid Protest seemed like a chill street party, accentuated by blasting truck horns. Despite the aggressive rhetoric employed by some of the protesters on social media, which alarmed police, who were out in force.

According to the CBC, Trudeau and his family fled their downtown Ottawa residence due to security concerns. His office stated that it does not comment on questions of security.

Trudeau claimed earlier last week that the convoy represented a “small fringe group” that did not represent Canadians’ opinions. Approximately 90% of cross-border truckers and 77 percent of the population in Canada have had two Covid immunization injections.

After meeting with some of the truckers on Friday, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole reiterated her opposition to vaccination requirements and offered support for the protest.

The CTA advised the truckers who took part to do so in a peaceful manner before leaving Ottawa. The protesters stated that they would continue the Canada Covid Protest in Ottawa until the mandates were changed by the government. Downtown streets may remain congested for days.

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