Wheel Of Time S2 Takes A Different Route From The Book

Wheel of Time s2

[Spoiler warning] The Wheel of Time S2 is setting up expectations for being a weird and wild ride, especially for those who liked the original books. S1 ended with quite a few notable differences from Robert Jordan’s series’ first novel. Quite a few fans did not take them without criticism, regardless of the reasons that may have instigated those changes. One of them was the fact that Wheel of Time S1 production had to go through the tremendous problem of pandemic-related stoppages.

Wheel Of Time S2 Picks Up From Where S1 Left Off

As such, by the end of the first season, fans wondered if the Wheel of Time S2 would try and return the story to its original track. Now that the beginning four episodes have been released, the answer seems to be both no and yes. However, thus far, the series is going quite well even with some of the most popular book scenes being left out.

The Wheel of Time S2 is mostly going to cover The Great Hunt, the series’ second book. However, events take place in a different manner right from the beginning. For example, in the book, the start sees every major character meet at Fal Dara. There, Moiraine’s machinations start from which several important events follow. In the Wheel of Time S2 beginning, nothing like this takes place. Rand, after faking his death, is not at Carihien all by himself, enjoying sexual intimacy with Selene, a mysterious innkeeper.

Apart from this, even the adventures of Nynaeve and Egwene inside the Tower have started to diverge from the novel’s events. As such, fans may be taken by surprise and left wondering how the hopelessly distorted version of the events may have a similar appearance to the original, but at the same time, be extremely different.