Canada Puts Up A Brave Fight: Yet Lost To Belgium In Their First WC Appearance In More Than Three Decades


Canada appeared in the World Cup first time in 36 years, and played to make a statement that they are here to stay in their first match.

The Canadian men’s football team even though faced a defeat in front of Belgium has put up a huge fight, and their supporters will be proud. Despite dominating for most of the time in their first World Cup match in 36 years against the 2nd best ranked nation in World Football, Canada faced a frustrating defeat.

However, it could have been their success story too if only Courtois hasn’t transformed into a wall in the Belgium goal and saved their fort from dissolving in the ground for quite a few times in the match. Specially, in the case of Alphonso Davies’ penalty.

Canada could have taken an early lead as Carrassaco the Belgian mideo conceded a handball in the penalty from a Canadian corner. However, the Real Madrid goalkeeper stood tall and saved the penalty by Alphonso Davies.

Despite Dominance Canada Lost Their First World Cup Match In Three Decades:

However, the Canadian attack was relentless in the first half as they kept coming for the goal. In the meantime, Belgium generated a counter attack from which Michi Batshuayei, their substitute for their all time greatest goalscorer Romelu Lukaku, slammed a cannonball inside the Canadian goal. This become the decisive goal of the match.

Canada however kept coming back for the equalizer in the second half, but got denied by the Belgian defence, especially by Courtois, as their lack of experience also deserted them in some crucial goalscoring situation.

Following the game, the whole Canada team gathered in the center of the field while Belgium’s players and supporters celebrated.

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