The End Of The Nightmare In Venezuela: How Federal Govt. Brought Seven Americans Home

Investigation shows how Venezuela lured and arrested US citizens

5 of the Citgo Six were awakened soon on 1st Oct in their jail in Venezuela by a security who ordered them to “get suited correctly.”

Before being told by the jail warden to changing into civilian clothing, the men put their yellow uniforms of the prison, which Jose Pereira referred to as their “Minion” costumes.

The morning sun would finally bring a conclusion to the “horror” that had started almost 5 years earlier when the 6 company executives were persuaded to travel to Venezuela. They were going for what they believed to be a formal event of business meeting just before the Thanksgiving of 2017.

The Biden government would secure the discharge of Pereira, Tomeu Vadell, Jorge Toledo,  Jose Luis Zambrano and  Alirio Zambrano, in addition to bringing home Osman Khan, and Matthew Heath 2 other Americans that were also deemed to have been unjustly taken into custody by the US Department Of state, as section of a prisoner exchange with the government of Nicolas Maduro.

Homecoming Of Americans From Venezuela Prison:

CNN has managed to learn new information about the major efforts prior to the discharge of the 7 Americans and the day people were liberated from Venezuela, and the cries from the relatives from the at least 4 US residents who have been left apart, nearly 5 years and a day after the “Citgo 6’s” predicament began.

The exchange of prisoners in October happened after weeks of wrangling between the Maduro dictatorship, with whom the United States doesn’t have official diplomatic ties, and the United States administration, led by Special Presidential Adviser for Captive Affairs Carstens.

In March, Carstens returned with 2 Americans, Jorge Alberto Fernandez, a double citizen of the Cuba and the US, and Gustavo Cárdenas, the 6th person of the “Citgo 6,” but a further mission in June resulted in failure to secure the release of any prisoners.