Stimulus Check Payments Might Be A Thing Of The Past In 2023

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Stimulus Check

When the stimulus check payments were approved by legislators at the beginning of the pandemic, that money did serve as a vital lifeline for several families throughout the country. But since then, there has been no stimulus payment from the federal government in 2022.

As it stands, the rejuvenation of the economy along with a solid labor market has made it quite difficult to justify the reasoning behind another round of federal aid that would be issued to the many bank accounts of American citizens. Interestingly, quite a large section of the population has received stimulus payments, but they haven’t come in from the federal government. Rather, most of the states have issued payments to the citizens.

Stimulus Check Payments Might Not Be Guaranteed Next Year 

Yet, it is assumed that there will be no extra stimulus check payment- from either the state or the federal government. And this will be something that the citizens might have to deal with. In the past, the stimulus payments had been issued during times of duress- especially when the economy had been neck deep in recession and the levels of unemployment were high.

But with the state of the job market currently, there is absolutely no reason where a stimulus payment could be warranted. And even if employment opportunities slow down, the rate of unemployment is still quite low- so there is still room for improvement rather than jumping onto the stimulus payment bandwagon. 

Some economists are of the idea that the main reason why inflation has been on a meteoric rise this year has been due to the American government issuing a lot of stimulus check payments the previous year. This definitely put a lot of pressure on weak supply chains- thereby leading to a massive mismatch between demand and supply.