Candace Parker Reveals She Is Married For 2 Years, Expecting Baby With Anya Petrakova

candace parker
candace parker

It has been an eventful year for Candace Parker. She is the 1st female cover athlete for the NBA 2K franchise and then led Chicago Sky, her hometown team, to its first-ever WNBA title this October. And now she has revealed that she and Anya Petrakova, her wife, are expecting a baby.

Candace Parker already has a daughter, Lailaa, 12. The 35-year-old WNBA star shared photos on social media and revealed news of her marriage to Petrakova. Lailaa’s father is basketball player Shelden Williams

She wished Anya a happy anniversary and addressed her as My Wife. She revealed that she married her friend in the presence of close friends and family. She said that she was proud to state that they have grown together and individually.

Candace Parker Posted Pictures Of Her, Anya, And Lailaa

She thanked Petrakova for always having loved Lailaa as her own. Candace Parker said that Anya has always been the calm and supportive one and had always contributed to happiness at home. She repeated her love for Anya and said she valued her for what they share as a family.

Pictures posted by Candace Parker showed Anya cradling her growing baby bump as she stood on a beach wearing a white dress. Another picture showed Candace, Anya, and Lailaa together with Lailaa’s hand on Anya’s stomach.

Anya Petrakova is a former Russian basketball player. She participated in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Candace Parker concluded that they have always envisaged growing as a family. She said that she felt surreal that a baby is now on the way. She said that Anya had grown even more beautiful. She said that she was constantly talking, loving, and kissing the baby in her belly. And playing Jay-Z for their baby. She felt that the baby must have already learned Song Cry by heart.

Candace Parker said that she couldn’t wait to begin her new journey in life. Last season, the captain of Chicago Sky helped her team to their first-ever WNBA Championship.