Andrew Cuomo To Repay $5.1M From Book Profits

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been ordered to return the amount paid to him as compensation after the State Ethics Committee canceled the approval for his book. He will have a month to return the proceeds from the book. The book details his administration’s reaction to the pandemic.

The decision was taken following a Committee vote. The December 14 motion by the Joint Commission ordered the former Governor to repay the amount he received for the book.

Andrew Cuomo has not received the full amount from the $5.1 million contract with the publishers. This was revealed in his tax returns. He had transferred $1 million into a trust benefitting his daughters. He has also donated another $500,000 to United Way. Cuomo paid $1.4 million in taxes and received $1.5 million as net profits for his book.

The $2 million of the remaining amount from the book deal is not mentioned in the income tax return.

Andrew Cuomo’s Attorney Says That They Will Go To Court If The Committee Tries To Enforce Decision

Jim McGuire, Andrew Cuomo’s attorney has accused the ethics committee of actions that go beyond its brief and were compelled by political consideration and not the facts of law. He called the whole affair unconstitutional.

He said that if the Committee tries to enforce their decision, they would face a court case. Andrew Cuomo is also facing a general investigation for misuse of government means to write the book, published a year ago.

The former Governor relinquished office from his 3rd term this August after allegations of abuse and sexual harassment. There was also the possibility of impeachment investigation over Cuomo’s management of the health crisis including the effect it had on nursing homes.

The committee withdrew its approval of the book last month saying that the project was initially allowed with the condition that government officials would not be part of drafting or editing the book.