Canelo Wins Over Avni Yildrim


Canelo Alvarez, one of the biggest stars of sports, quickly handle his enemy. He did so when he was providing defence to his titles of WBC and WBA. It was the third round of the technical knockout of 168 pounds. It took place in the Hard Rock Stadium of Miami. The total number of audience present was 15.000. They sat following the norms of social distancing.

Canelo Alvarez who hails from Mexico gave out a good performance even when he entered the ring. There were fireworks accompanied by a live concert while he made his entrance. For the initial two rounds, the Turkish boxer, Avni Yildirim made use of his high guard by hiding behind it. However, it did not end well. He was faced with Canelo’s right cross in the third round. Succumbing to this, the Turkish boxer dropped on the ground.

Canelo On Winning The Match

Yildrim had been warned by Joel Diaz, the trainer. He told him to display some of his moves in order to prevent the fight form stopping. However, all that was done by the 29-year-old boxer was to stare back at his face. Following this, the corner made a move to stop the fight.

Canelo Alvarez gave a statement following his win. He talked about his trainer and what mattered the most in a fight. The 30-year-old winner stated that physical features had a very little role to play in a fight. Height or reach or even trainers did not matter at all. Canelo went on the state that he had the world’s best trainer with him who is Eddy Reynoso. The winner also recognized his wins to be history.

The winner made his return to the battleground two months post the match where he dominated Callum Smith, the champion who was unbeaten.

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