Capitol Insurrection: Pelosi Introduces Independent Commission 9/11 Style

Capitol Insurrection
Capitol Insurrection

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker announced yesterday that Congress will go for an independent commission that will go into the lethal Capitol Insurrection. The 9/11 style commission to investigate the uprising and the raid had already been planned for a Senate hearing under the Senate Rules Committee later this month.

Russel Honore retired Lt. General. Will go into an immediate appraisal of the security process during the Capitol Insurrection. Pelosi said that the new commission will explore and investigate the January terrorist attack on the complex. It will also go into the meddling with the process of peaceful handover of power by the rioters.

Pelosi has written to her Democratic colleagues about plans to put forth funds to strengthen security at the Capitol.

There is an indication of bipartisan support for a sovereign commission into the Capital insurrection. There are more inquiries planned as revealed in interviews with lawmakers.

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy said that there should be a total investigation into the events leading to the Capitol Insurrection. He is among the 7 Republicans who had voted to convict the former president. He said that the investigation will delve into the people who were in the know and the time they came to know about the attack. He wanted to hold Trump accountable for the events.

Independent Investigation Into Capitol Insurrection Would Require Legislation

Going for an independent commission would require legislative backing. If pushed through, it would give a conclusive accounting of events that would have the government’s support. But a panel along the lines of the 9/11 panel would probably widen partisan fissures and eclipse Biden’s legislative program.

Senator Chris Coons said that a 9/11 style commission will lay bare the facts of the Capitol Insurrection and expose Trump’s total violation of his oath to the Constitution.

Trump’s lawyers have countered charges that the former President’s words had incited the riots and said that the attack on Trump was a ‘witch hunt’.