A Magnitude 4 Earthquake Shakes L.A. Oxnard and Ventura

The magnitude 4 earthquake happened on Thursday at 2:13 a.m. near Oxnard.

The magnitude 4 earthquake ruptured causing a shake in Ventura, Westside, San Fernando and South Bay areas of L.A. The earthquake happened in the Pacific Ocean on Thursday at 2:13 a.m. 19 miles away of Oxnard and 15 miles away of Naval Base Ventura.

Police department claimed that no reports of damage were found in Oxnard, though it caused only a little shake. Magnitude 4 earthquake happened in some mapped faults such as Anacapa-Dume which is underneath the Pacific Ocean.

The magnitude 4 earthquake happened just 3 hours after Magnitude 3.9 earthquake near San Jose, it slightly shaked Morgan Hill and Gilory.

Also, some weak shaking around San Francisco Bay, Monterey, Salinas and Santa Cruz as well, stated by the USGS. There also was three magnitude 3 earthquakes happened in the past ten days.

If you felt this earthquake, report what you felt to USGS, as it happened at 6.2 miles depth.

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