Minnesota Vikings trade star receiver Stefon Diggs to the Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills

You truly need to give the Buffalo Bills credit: between the well known nearly exchange for Antonio Brown, paying John Brown and Cole Beasley, and now this, they’re plainly hellbent on updating their getting corps. Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer was first on the Bills acquiring Stefon Diggs from the Vikings on Monday night after Diggs himself tossed rocket fuel on the fire by telling us to level out something was cooking (and roasting an answer fellow dork in the procedure):

Then, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero and the standard posse of insiders came in with the terms, which, in contrast to the DeAndre Hopkins trade prior on Monday, have all the earmarks of being the combination of “good gravy, that’s a lot…but also sounds about right?”

Diggs had been a famous exchange proposal around these parts, particularly after the Patriots’ humiliating season finisher leave that could to a great extent be credited to “man we should have somebody who was super acceptable at getting footballs from Tom Brady”. Between his notable want to escape Minnesota and the Patriots clearly having a requirement for both ability and youth at the position, Diggs-to-New-England was one of those insane sounding exchange proposals that really seemed well and good and hypothetically could’ve occurred if the Patriots were willing to make good what the Vikings needed. Which, as we probably are aware presently, was a ton of picks. What’s more, particularly after Bill sent a first-round pick to New Orleans for Brandin Cooks in 2017, we discovered that Belichick is more than ready to make a blockbuster bargain if it’s a collector he’s truly got his eyes on.

Having said that, Stefon Diggs to Buffalo is about the most noticeably terrible conceivable result for the Patriots shy of sending him to the Kansas City Chiefs or the Baltimore Ravens, for a large number of reasons. Clearly, the Bills were serious stuff last season, logging a 10-6 record and winning a season finisher spot where they lost 22-19 in extra time to the Houston Texans, and now they’re including a recipient that may assist them with closure their 25-year season finisher win dry season. Additionally clearly, Diggs has played his best football the most recent two years, going more than 1,000 accepting yards in both 2018 and 2019 and hitting the jackpot multiple times between the two seasons. Lastly, Stefon’s just 26 years of age and his contract runs through the 2023 season, so if things go well this year, he likely ain’t going anyplace for some time.

All things considered, this appears as though a strong arrangement for both of the groups included that will very likely make Bills versus Nationalists must-see games this season and that by itself is something we haven’t had the option to state with a straight face for a long time.

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