‘Captain America’ Actress (Mollie Fitzgerald) Found Guilty of Killing Her Mom in Kansas

Mollie Fitzgerald the actress of ‘Captain America’ was arrested after she was found guilty of murdering mom in Kensas, and jailed on $500,000 bond.

Mollie Fitzgerald who has a small role in Captain America in 2011 found guilty of deadly hitting her mom at home in Kensas. Police arrested Fitzgerald, 38, in Olathe. Kansas City Star reported. She was jailed on 500.000 bond and it is not clear if she had a lawyer or not.

Though Fitzgerald is charged with killing Patricia, 68, who was found killed on 20th of December in her home.

Mollie Fitzgerald is an actress, movie director and a producer as listed in IMDb. She played in Captain America the role of Stark Girl beside her work as a director assistant.

Also, she worked on low-budget movies such as The Lawful Truth and The Creeps.

In 2011, Fitzgerald stated that: “Being a part of this production has been one of the best experiences of my life”

Gary Hunziker, 72, brother of Patricia stated that: Before her death, Patricia Fitzgerald intended to move back to Kensas after she lived for many years in Houston.

Patricia Fitzgerald’s Family lived on a farm in Missouri, she studied Physical therapy there before moving to Kensas. And when she got married, she went to live in Texas with her husband, Hunziker added.

Then, Hunziker added some information about his sister’s death and stated that they all were shocked when they heard about the incident of losing his beloved sister.

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