Gisele Bundchen Finally Unclogged All The Bottled-Up Thoughts 

gisele bundchen

Last October Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady took a life-changing step. Keeping in mind all the emotional damage they were doing to their children. They knew what the consequences could be. Many dreams shattered not only his or her but the children. The media houses spread many rumors regarding their divorce none of them are true. She proved it and cleared the air, by giving actually what happened.

Gisele Bundchen Didn’t Let Media House Win The Argument

She was going through a hard patch in her life including her husband. The media houses started the rumor of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen divorced each other because he decided to retire.

She found it very shocking to know that he was retiring and it was one of the most hurtful things she has heard. That was just one tiny part of the puzzle. There is more to it and she is not comfortable sharing that with the world. Everything is not just black and white.

Gisele Bundchen would always support Tom Bardy no matter what. If taking retirement makes him happy she cannot be unhappy for him. They have ended 13 years of marriage. She will support him regardless of anything. Divorcing him was one of the biggest dreams that shattered. Gisele Bundchen also said that they started growing apart way before his retirement announcement. She further commented that when you cannot grow together you grow apart.

After their wedding they had kids and later on, they started realizing they want different things in life. In the beginning, they wanted the same things and had a family. They are apart from each other definitely but never stopped loving each other. Gisele Bundchen cherishes the time she spent with Tom Brady and the kids. They had an amazing time. When the difficult time came they had to choose for the sake of their lives.