Cardi B Believes Her Son Is Quite Special In Certain Regards

Cardi B
Cardi B

Let’s be honest- Cardi B has always been pretty real with her fans when it comes to raising kids- as she frequently uploads videos with her children. Recently, in a series of early morning Instagram stories, the rapper revealed that her son- aged four months, had been hitting some tremendous developmental milestones. In her words, her son was quite a chatty Kathy with his parents. In her story, the famous rapper stated that her baby was quite a chatterbox, one that she welcomed with Offset back in September. In fact, she swore about it in the name of the Lord and also stated that her husband had seen it. 

Cardi B Believes her baby boy can Really Talk!

Cardi B clarified that she had asked the little baby if he loved his mommy. Asking him again, she was quite surprised to see him respond in the affirmative with a clear ‘Yeah’, and not a sound that one would usually associate with babies. The rapper then went on to share the fact that her infant child also suddenly uttered ‘Hello’ when listening to the song ‘If You’re Happy And You Know It’. 

In her usual random, airy manner, Cardi B spoke about how she didn’t know if this was normal behavior or just due to the pandemic. She also spoke about putting up a camera in the baby’s room 24/7 or something. She then turned to her little one and started coddling him by stating that he was talking, and he was talking for real- and not making gibberish sounds. 

Just the previous month, Cardi B had mentioned that her baby had already started holding his bottle with both of his hands, adding that she was trying to remember if her child was doing that while just being 3 months old, or if it was a superpower granted to pandemic babies.