Meghan Hays, One Of the President’s Senior Advisers Departing From The White House

Meghan Hays

Message planning director at the White House Meghan Hays, a longstanding communications assistant to President Joe Biden, will leave her position later in the month, CNN has learned.

A special assistant to the President, Hays has worked for Biden for eight years, including throughout his vice presidency, the 2020 presidential campaign, and the presidential transition, before rejoining the White House communications staff in 2021. She is one of around a dozen current government representatives who collaborated with Biden throughout those times.

From the President’s first primetime speech on the Covid-19 Epidemic in the House Chamber of the White House to Biden’s interactions with Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Hays was in charge of developing the strategic plan for many of the President’s most visible events.

After the assassination of al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri last month, Meghan Hays worked alone with Covid-19 to plan where and how the President would make his address announcing the historic operation. They ultimately decided on a socially awkward setup on the Blue Room balcony.

Meghan Hays Stepping Down From Senior Advisor: 

In addition, Hays oversaw the long-term planning for the President’s international and domestic travel and worked closely with journalists, producers, and photographers both at the White House and while traveling. The President’s side frequently spotted her while he answered press inquiries.

Before holding the positions of deputy communications director and head of message preparation in the vice president’s office, Hays, a California native, started working as an advance worker for then-vice President Biden in 2012. She traveled the nation with Biden during the campaign for President and oversaw many of his media appearances and events while working as the deputy communications director for strategic planning.

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