Cardi B Wins $1.25M Defamation Lawsuit Against ‘Malicious’ YouTuber

Cardi B
Cardi B

On Monday, a federal jury ruled in favor of Cardi B. Cardi B said that Tasha K, a YouTuber, launched a “malicious campaign” to harm her reputation. They determined that the lady had defamed the artist. Over $1 million in damages were granted by the court.

The jury found Latasha Kebe responsible for slander after a two-week trial in Atlanta that included evidence from both women. Kebe was also found guilty of two additional types of crime in connection with her YouTube videos and other internet activities. Kebe falsely claimed that Cardi B had herpes and had engaged in prostitution, among other heinous allegations.

Cardi B was given $1.25 million in damages in Monday’s ruling, but the amount might wind up being more. The trial will begin on Tuesday to determine if Kebe is owed further punitive damages or must refund Cardi B’s legal fees.

Cardi B Contemplated Suicide

On January 10, a trial in federal court in Georgia began, with both women taking the stand. Cardi B confessed that she considered suicide after watching Kebe’s videos and that only a genuinely horrible person could do something like that. Kebe first claimed that she willfully published lies about the artist, but when confronted by her own counsel, she attempted to retract that declaration.

On Monday, the jury ruled in favor of the WAP singer. In addition to defamation, the jury found Kebe guilty of invasion of privacy by false depiction and deliberate infliction of emotional distress. In the next weeks, Kebe’s counsel will have the opportunity to appeal the verdict to the court.

The superstar was represented in court by Moore Pequignot LLC’s Lisa F. Moore and William A. Pequignot, as well as Adelman Matz PC’s Gary P. Adelman and Sarah M. Matz. Sadeer Sabbak and Olga Izmaylova of Sabbak & Izmaylova PC represented Kebe.