Addison Montgomery’s Critical Condition

Kate Walsh Addison Montgomery

The last episode of Grey’es Anatomy is where Addison Montgomery faces a fatal accident. There was a protest outside the women’s clinic. However, being a doctor was always her priority. She was hurt but never bothered about her injuries. She was worried about the pregnant lady who was also hurt. Her concern for pregnant women is something she is praised for. She made sure that women is getting proper treatment.

Addison Montgomery’s Dislocated Shoulder

When the car hit Addison Montgomery her shoulder was hurt. Despite unbearable pain, she fulfilled her doctor’s duty. She kept on checking on the pregnant woman named Tia. Who faced blunt trauma on her abdomen. Everyone’s first concern was the baby was okay. Tia was scared and kept asking doctor Wilson if he is okay. Requesting her not to deliver the baby, she won’t be able to let him live. He is way too small.

Dr.Atticus was trying to help Addison Montgomery. However, she pretended that she is fine and can just pop back her shoulder in. She doesn’t even require sedatives. She treated herself. Right after that, she went straight in to fix Tia’s condition. Addison Montgomery felt that Tia’s pregnancy was in a bad shape. She insisted on not delivering her baby, he is immature.

When Addison walked in she touched her belly and figure the uterus has faced trauma.If in any way they keep the baby inside he is not going to survive. In no way she is going to let that happen. They performed a c-section. Kevin McKidd directed this episode and he was quite blown away by the opening scene. He believes it was quite a powerful punch for the audience. The scene was taken with a single shot, there was no cut. And after the scene, everyone including himself was pretty emotional.