Carlos Rodon Agrees To Join Francisco Giants In A Two Year Contract

Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon

It has been in the news that a deal was finalized between Carlos Rodon, the left-handed star, with the San Francisco Giants for an amount of $44 million. The contract drawn was for two years where Carlos Rodon can leave the team after the completion of the first season as per his wishes. This deal was first stated on ESPN to Jeff Passan. 

What Is New In The Deal For Carlos Rodon?

Rodon made a good career while he was associated with the Chicago White Sox with an ERA of 2.37 in 2021. From the year 2016, he has conducted 132 ⅔ innings and 24 stars. Carlos Rodon also has faced a lot of shoulders and arm injuries in his past as a result of which he could only play for 28 innings in the whole 2021 season. 

Though most of the previous year he was injured, still he contributed a significant amount in the American League Central title where the White Sox emerged victoriously with a score of 93-69. The White Sox won 13 games with Cleaveland and won a maximum number of games since the year 2005. In 2005, the team won the World Series Championship with a score of 99-63. 

There is news that Carlos Rodon will be used to complete a rotation along with Alex Wood, the left-handed player, and Logan Webb. The Blue Jays bought the right-handed player, Kevin Gausman from the Giants in the early season with a $110 million contract which will last 5 years. The team also refused to take the deal of Jonny Cueto, another right-handed player worth $22 million.

Rodon, whose age is 29 years old, was in the third position in the selection list which happened in 2014. Furthermore, Carlos Rodon also has a stunning career of 42-38 with an ERA of 3.79 in just 121 matches and a total of 710 strikeouts.