Critical Blow Faced By Texas Abortion Providers

Texas abortion
Texas abortion

The providers of Texas abortion were fighting against the laws of the State which were quite controversial and in recent times, the Supreme Court of Texas gave the judgment that is against them. 

Texas Abortion Providers’ Challenge Rebuffed By Court

The ruling was given by the Supreme Court of Texas and it stated that the officials who were given licenses by the state now do not have authority to implement the ban on abortion after six weeks. This was a huge defeat for the providers of Texas abortion who had challenged the State against this confining law. 

The ruling was almost 23 pages long and it removed the legal proposal which the providers were waiting to get a ban on the officials of the state from executing S.B. 8, which is considered to be the most draconian measure for abortion. The ruling also decided that the last group who fought as the defendant and were the officials of the state cannot approach the federal courts anymore. This is because the officials of the state do not generally enforce the law, hence nobody can be sued. 

In the views of Nancy Northup, the CEO and President of the Center for Reproductive Rights, this ruling ended everything that challengers were left with. The ban of Texas abortion after six months is unconstitutional and the practice still happens in Texas. Moreover, the Courts have given permission to Texas to cancel a right that was constitutional by nature. 

The Supreme Court gave a decision with 5-4 votes in the month of December and showed a way to the federal court to move against S.B. 8. This generally stated that the providers of abortion only had the option to sue one state defendant group in the federal court. Though the ruling given in December left some hope, the ruling given on Friday closed all the doors.