Presidential Calendar Casts Threats Upon caucuses of Iowa under National Democratic Party

Presidential Calendar

As per the American traditions, the president’s politics have been shaped with the onset of caucuses in Iowa. Iowa district has been the first state to hold intra-party caucuses to select the preferred candidate for the president’s run. 

This has been in such order for the last fifty years and the same is being summoned to end with the drafting of the presidential calendar of National Party leaders. Des Moines Register secured a draft resolution that favors diversity and primaries over tradition and caucuses respectively. 

James Roosevelt Jr., Committee Co-Chair informed the Register that the meeting would definitely be a broad discussion without having a finalized end decision. Further, the Iowa caucuses have been accused that there exists various technical as well as logistic related drawbacks and thus, delaying the declaration for a winner on time. However, the accusations are whitewashed by several national and Iowa democrats, who said the internal disputes and disruption within the party in question is the actual underlying cause for the delay. 

How Iowa Caucuses Can Move Down The Presidential Calendar In 2022

The Democratic National Committee can be said to be still drafting the rules, regulations, and procedures for the application of the new proposal. The draft proposal can be expected by mid-April and the states would be offered a relaxation of around 28 days for securing the motion in the Presidential calendar. 

At the time of writing, there has been no official statement recorded by any Iowan democrats on the said issue. However, as has been reported, a few Democrats have offered a strong say in favor of the new drafting proposal. It is needless to say that in the past few decades Iowa State has enjoyed a certain upper hand in terms of being the political scenarios, which would be entirely nullified by the draft proposal; allowing other states an equal chance to be right up the presidential calendar.

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