Carrie Fisher Will Play A Good Witch In Her Final Film

Carrie Fisher

Almost seven years after the actor’s passing, the trailer for Carrie Fisher’s final film role was made public on Friday.

“Wonderwell” is a fantasy coming-of-age movie that centers on a young Italian girl named Violet (Kiera Milward). Violet meets Hazel, played by Fisher after she goes into the forest one day and falls through a magical portal. According to the film’s Instagram, Hazel is “an extravagant and strong witch of the forest.” It is evident from the trailer that Hazel has a solid reputation. Is that you, the witch? Violet asks the person with the fiery hair in the Fisher. Is she a witch or the witch? Hazel answers slyly. Fisher’s passing in 2016 and the COVID-19 outbreak delayed the movie’s release more than they had anticipated. 

Carrie Fisher’s New Movie Trailer Is Out

Director Vlad Marsavin stated in a statement that “We encountered difficulties with COVID lockdowns and, of course, the unfortunate passing of our wonderful Carrie Fisher.” The ideal time to share her beautiful on-screen moments as Hazel is right now.

On June 23 through AMC, the movie, which also stars Rita Ora, will have a limited cinema run. It will also be made available online. In her last motion picture, “Wonderwell,” Carrie Fisher is portrayed by Rita Ora as a nice witch.

More than seven years after her passing, the film finally makes its theatrical and streaming debut on Friday. The story revolves around a girl named Violet (Kiera Milward) and her sister Savannah (Nell Tiger Free), who visit a medieval village for Savannah’s fashion shoot. Ora portrays the shoot’s chief fashion designer.

The official summary reads: “Neglected and bored, Violet wanders from the historic Tuscan town into a forest not far away where she encounters the mysterious Hazel (Fisher), who may be the legendary witch of the woods.”