Nicole Scherzinger Shocked By Eliminated Masked Singer

Nicole Scherzinger

The panelists on “The Masked Singer” are still in amazement as the competition is coming to a close.

The UFO was the final competitor to be revealed on the “British Invasion Night” broadcast on May 3. Nicole Scherzinger was shocked to learn that it was her close friend Olivia Culpo.

Nicole Scherzinger Couldn’t Believe It Was Her Friend

Olivia? I can’t believe it! After figuring out that the UFO was Lily Collins, Scherzinger uttered, “My buddy, Olivia. “Babe, I’m aware that you are the most beautiful person ever. Look at that face, for example. However, I had no idea you could sing.

The model and former Miss Universe sang Amy Winehouse’s “Tears Dry On Their Own.” Molly Sims was predicted by Robin Thicke, Gigi Hadid by Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, and Rebecca Romijn by Ken Jeong. 

“No freaking way,” McCarthy Wahlberg shouted following the reveal. Culpo said that she’s “no Nicole Scherzinger, but I like to sing in the shower,” as the panelists complimented her performances and progress to the quarterfinals.

“Getting up there takes a lot of guts.” “You’ve graced our stage a few times,” Nicole Scherzinger added, with Thicke adding, “and you did an excellent job.”The recently engaged influencer placed fourth and thanked her followers and the judges at the end of her time on the show.

“I truly believe that, despite wearing a mask, this is more of my personality that I got to share for the first time,” Culpo added.

“I feel like I have to do so much, yet so much of it is not about that or people don’t want to show your personality or both. So for me, this was really, really enjoyable.

All four judges were in a state of shock last week when “La Bamba” actor Lou Diamond Phillips revealed himself to be the Mantis.

The Macaw, California Roll, and Medusa will perform in the semifinals on next week’s broadcast. Fans have already made assumptions about who the Macaw might be, speculating that it might be a past “American Idol” finalist.