Stimulus Check 2022: Track Your Payment

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The IRS no longer offers an online link where you can trace your payment if you are still wondering where your stimulus check is.

The IRS stopped distributing stimulus check payments earlier this year, thus the outdated portal—also known as the “Get My Payment” tool—was removed. If you got a third stimulus payment in 2021, the IRS issued Notice 1444-C or Letter 6475 to you earlier this year. You may still use these documents to determine the amount of your third stimulus payment.

Track Your Stimulus Check 

If you didn’t receive a payment or only received a portion of one, you may be able to recover the difference by including the recovery rebate credit on the 2021 tax return (albeit you must do so quickly!). To figure out your recovery rebate credit, you’ll need to have the total monthly payment from the online account, Notice 1444-C, or Letter 6475. Each spouse must sign into their account online or use their notice or letter to make their portion of the total payment if you’re married and you filed a joint tax return.

Even though the federal government is not providing stimulus money this year, several states will in 2022 through tax rebates. These governmental “stimulus checks” are intended to aid citizens in coping with other economic challenges and combating growing inflation. The state payments are normally paid for out-of-budget surpluses or COVID relief money from the federal government. Check State “Stimulus Checks” in 2022 to check if your state is (or will be) sending a refund this year.

Both spouses might use the site if you filed a joint tax return by giving their answers to the security questions that are used to confirm a taxpayer’s identification. The identical payment status was displayed for both spouses after verification.