Cash Stuffing Helps Woman Pay Off $80K Debt

cash stuffing

Cash Stuffing appears to be the next craze among young people. Maybe your granny recalls hiding money beneath the bed. Lauren Victory of Morning Insider investigates the emerging financial practice known as “cash stuffing.”

Before “Guys and Budgets,” Jasmine Taylor was broke, but she has turned this into her personality and business. The 31-year-old was fired from his medical employment just before the COVID-19 outbreak. “I was simply really worried and miserable,” Taylor, a Texan, stated. “This is my final year feeling this way,” I was told, so I believed it.” She was aware that she needed financial education, but she had no idea where to begin.

Cash Stuffing Is A Good Way To Grow Your Money

She discovered “Cash Stuffing” while searching the internet. “Especially if you are of a specific ethnicity, have a low salary, or both.” We learn how to live. You were brought up to be self-sufficient. You are not taught how to prosper and amass money.” Taylor, who now tutors on her YouTube and TikTok channels, made the observation.

She states in one video, which has over 500,000 views, “When I want a new smartphone, I save up till I can afford it.” After summing her salary bill by bill, the lady in the video places cash into designated envelopes.

Most people are surprised to see where their money is going, and the problem is not often that people do not have enough money – they are just wasting it.

“You can not out-save poverty, and I understand that,” she added, “but most of us overspend on Amazon, buying clothes on SHEIN, and anything we see on TikTok that is popular, we have to go purchase it.”

Taylor said she felt sick to her gut when she discovered how much she was spending on Amazon. If you keep doing it, those $12 purchases might mount up to much over $500.

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