Power Outages Push The Santa Cruz Residents People To Protest

Power Outages
Power Outages

Numerous citizens of the United States of America from the cities of Santa Cruz and South Bay took action with regard to the problem of power outages in the area. Together they protested against the company, PG&E for all the problems that they were going through with regard to power. The protest took place on the 9th of September that fell on a Thursday. 

Power Outages- Reasons

It has been stated that just in the month of August, there were a total of seven outages. And it has also been stated that sometimes, the power outages went on for several days. The company responded by stating that the reason for the inconvenient incident is a consequence that has been taken by the company in order to minimize the risk of wildfire in the area. A total of 50 people were present in order to protest. They are all the residents of the city of Santa Cruz, California.

Together they gathered in front of the office of the PG&E company that is situated in the city of San Jose. The office is currently closed owing to the coronavirus pandemic. The organizers of the power outages protest stated that the company had been ignoring all the complaints that were being placed. 

Eric Horton, the organizer stated that the company was making the people make their choice. They either had to accept power outages or compromise on their safety. They stated that they could not choose both simultaneously. However, defying this idea, the organizer stated that there was enough technology out there to make both things co-exist. It was also stated that a total of 5000 residents are suffering from the problem. The protesters also stated that they do believe safety measures by the company were not even trying. 

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