Texas Abortion Law Banned By A Federal Judge

Texas Abortion Law
Texas Abortion Law

One of the federal judges of the United States of America gave a judgment with regard to the Texas abortion law. As per the judgment, the abortion law that was defined by the state of Texas which has validity for a total of 6 months, now stands blocked. The said judgment was given on the 6th of October that fell on a Wednesday. The decision was granted by Robert Pitman, the district judge of the United States.

Texas Abortion Law Judgement

Judge Pitman gave a statement as he provided his decision on the matter of the Texas abortion law. He claimed that the moment the abortion law came into force, the women of the region were subjected to unlawful control. He added that their rights to monitor their own lives according to their wishes were violated by the said law. He also mentioned the fact that the women had the right to live their own way and this was a right granted to them by the constitution of the country. It was the justice department that made the request to the judge with regard to the Texas abortion law. 

The judge further stated that it was up to the other court to conclude the law in their own manner. However, the court that he stood at would not support the Texas abortion law at all as it was against the laws of the US Constitution and it violated a very crucial right. The order provided by the judge comes as a victory for all those people who have been voicing against the breach of right that the law brings about. It is very important to note that this division provided by the judge may only exist temporarily.     

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