Cassidy Hutchinson Accuses Giuliani Of Lechery

Cassidy Hutchinson

Former Trump aide Cassidy Hutchinson has accused senior Republican politician Rudy Giuliani of lechery. Even as a mob of GOP supporters instigated by Trump tore through the US Capitol on January 6, the former New York City mayor allegedly molested her in a backstage tent. In a book to be released September 26, the 27-year-old Cassidy Hutchinson said that she was cornered by the Trump aide in the tent even as Trump was making an incendiary speech just before the insurrection rally near the White House.

Cassidy Hutchinson alleged that the former mayor was present, along with another Trump aide, John Eastman. He immediately closed in on her and embraced her even as he proceeded to molest her. Eastman just gave a leery smile when Hutchinson turned to him for help.  She described that he gave a split grin, much like a Cheshire Cat smiling. He had a pile of documents in his hands.

Cassidy Hutchinson Managed To Free Herself Even As Another Trump Aide Stood By Grinning

Cassidy Hutchinson says she tore out of Giuliani’s grip and rushed out of the tent in rage. She went out in search of another of Trump’s aides, Mark Meadows. He was the fourth chief of staff of the then-president and also the final member of the group of four. Cassidy Hutchinson says that she was aware that the situation would only worsen. She speaks about a sense of bewilderment, anger, and an ever-increasing sense of foreboding that something horrible is about to happen.

Giuliani’s political counselor Ted Goodman has cast aspersion on Cassidy Hutchinson’s allegations. He has insinuated that it is a publicity stunt by Hutchinson before she is due to release her book. Giuliani has faced many instances of misconduct, including the Republican leader trying to seduce a woman playing the role of an underage girl.  He has also been recorded spewing vulgar remarks at a woman.